I am amazed and pleased to see the number of page views and thought it was about time I stuck my head over the parapet to say 'Hello'...

I hope you have enjoyed reading my stories, all based on characters played by the very talented John Simm.  That I've felt inspired by so many of his perfomances to write all this fiction still amazes me, and as I embark on the publication of what I hope might be the first of many original works of fiction, I have to say a big "Thank you!" to John for being my 'muse', I suppose.  Certainly without his portrayals of Sam Tyler in 'Life of Mars' and The Master in 'Doctor Who' I would not have started writing again (I wrote the odd fan-fic back in the late seventies/early eighties but TBH I wasn't very good at it!).  

I know that to some people, the idea of being a 'fan' of an actor, musician or author may seem a little odd, perhaps even childish, but I disagree - we all have interests and hobbies, people or things which inspire us. During my time in fandom (both pre and post-internet!) I've been impressed and amazed by the talent and dedication of other fans - people who create art, costumes and fiction all based on whatever it is they happen to enjoy; I think it's wonderful.  And I've made some lovely friends, too (waves at 
them - you know who you are!).  

If you enjoy what you read here, I would love it if you would leave a comment, either here on the blog or using the contact form (which is never posted on the site, only I will see it). Writers love feedback and constructive criticism - apart from the love of writing and creating itself, it is the one thing which spurs us on.   You don't have to reveal your real name or any contact details!  




    I'm Edzel - a fifty-something wife and mother who was captivated by John Simm's performance in 'Life on Mars' in 2007 and has remained so ever since. I find his performances sympathetic and convincing, to the point where I want to know more about the characters he makes seem so real. So I write my own fan fiction around them...

    Some of what I write has a distinctly adult flavour but I hope that there is sufficient plot and character analysis to interest everyone. 

     If I could have my time over I'd like to be a published author. This is probably the closest I'll get to it so I'm always striving to improve my work - to that end I appreciate feedback; constructive criticism is particularly welcome!  


    February 2013